Mobembo Tours

We are a French speaking tour operator based in Namibia specialising in tailor-made trips in Southern Africa: Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. We are registered with the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Namibian Tourist Board (NTB). All our vehicles are clean, insured and have air conditioning.

French speaking guide, I worked as a freelancer and permanent employee with several tour operators, French, Belgian and Swiss. Passionate about Africa, I will share my knowledge of wildlife, flora, ornithology and astronomy. I speak 6 languages ​​and can communicate in 4 local languages. I will let you discover local cultures and customs.

My wish is to share my passion with a tailor-made trip at an affordable price.

Our Vehicles

Travel comfortably in Namibia and safely. Our 4×4 vehicles are adapted in summer to allow our customers to spend the best possible time in Namibia.

Two main criteria:

  • Offer maximum comfort during journeys between two points of interest.
  • Ensure a high level of security.

The characteristics that make our 4×4 the best vehicles for a tour in Namibia are:

  • Air conditioning and flexible suspension system to provide maximum comfort during long journeys, while visiting the country.
  • Wide tires for better handling on the slopes and on muddy ground. They are essential in the rainy season, for the unavoidable landscapes of rivers.
  • Headrest and seat belts.
  • Social liability insurance up to $ 10 million per accident, included in the rental of all our vehicles.